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I 'was' a Coca-holic all my life. I drank it 24 hours a day. Now the it tastes so bad, it's undrinkable. I can't identify the odd taste. It tasted flat and watered down in a newly opened can.

I know they switched from sugar to HFCS. Remember when McDonald's had the best Coke ever? No more!

Even tho' Pepsi has never been as good, I have since switched to it.

Oh, I heard that the Coke bottled in Mexico is made with sugar, and is better. Not true ~ and it costs $1.00 a bottle!

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Coke replaced the real sugar with something cheaper called corn syrup.


I work QC for coke and know for a fact that the recipe hasn't changed and there is no coke coming to the states from china, thats just ignorance who would pay to ship that over the ocean, its simply a syrup with purified water and carbonation


I called them - twice. They claim nothing has changed but it has.

Little by little they changed the original formula. This latest batch (which may be made in China) is the worst. Of course they claim I'm the only one that called about it. HA.

They offered coupons but why would I want to replace something that is terrible? Coke has finally fizzed out - - -


Five a day for forty years? I bet your waistline is at least a 58.


Ive noticed recently coke is tasting like *** as well... something is different...

it goes flat very very quickly once opened and tastes so bad i cant even finish the can.. The first time i noticed this was at a discount grocery store that sells stuff much cheaper with no name brands etc but they did have coke.. i just assumed it must have been a bad batchs and is how they were so cheap... then i went back to kroger where i normally shop and while one case would taste ok, a week later i'd get the same case and it just tastes horrible...

Ive had several of these *** cases recently and im just about to switch to something else...

glad its not just me thinking something is going on.. The cans i have in the house right now that taste like *** were canned in atlanta Ga.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #235734

As of september 2010 the coke coming out of the Needham, Massachusetts plant tastes terrible. There is an odd after they changed the sweetner.

After drinking 5 cans a day for 40 years I think I know what I am talking about. I contacted the plant and the Atlanta office but never got a reply.

I hate pepsi but it now tastes better than coke. I buy only Pepsi now



I have to disagree with you about Mexican-bottled Coca-Cola. In my opinion, it tastes much better. It tastes just like the Coke I used to drink back in the 70's. I wouldn't touch Coke after the new Coke fiasco back in '85. I can finally drink it again. Yes, it's expensive. But it's a nice treat once in a while.

I completely agree with you on everything else though. You are dead on about the odd, flat taste. It tastes more like Tab now than Coke.

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