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I've also noticed over the last few months that the taste of Coca-Cola has changed. It tastes flat.

At first I thougth it was just that in the cans because the 2 liter still tasted OK. But now even it tastes flat, as does the Coke in the small bottles. What have they done, taken something out? Why ruin a good thing?

Actually, Coke from way back in the day (the real original Coke) was even better. Now it tates terrible.

I've always loved Coke and hated Pepsi, but now I've switched. I'd rather have a fizzy Pepsi than a flat Coke.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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It's December and Coke still has a problem. I had to throw away several 12 packs.

They just tasted bad.

I have been drinking Coca-Cola it seems forever, but no more. They have lost another customer.


The real original coke from the 1800's?


It IS FLAT!! Out of the last 5 (12) pack cansi have bought 4 of the 12pks are flat!!

I'm pissef!! What the *** is going on??

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