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You never answered your phone call??? I wanted to let you know thst freedom of Speech is rapidly demonishing.

I do not need to purchase any of your products.

I can live with out them but I can't live in a society that isn't free!!! Obviously your command can't READ!

Preferred solution: Cancel your WOKness.

Location: Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

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Where do I start...First of all, it's YOU'RE not YOUR. It's DIMINISHING not DEMONISHING.

If YOU'RE too stupid to spell properly, how do you expect someone to take you seriously? Secondly, freedom of speech is alive, well, and thriving as defined by the US Constitution. If you think it applies to a private company, I'm betting you have never read or understood the 1st Amendment. It protects citizens from reprisal from the GOVERNMENT.

Again, if you don't have a basic understanding of the constitution and its amendments, how do you expect anyone to take you seriously. Finally, no one cares if you don't drink these products. Right-wing nut boycotts never work. Will you (chuckle) boycott any company that sells Coke products or will you keep going to them?

You're so clueless and a joke. Thanks for the laugh...

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