Where is the zero star button? It is sad to see a great company going down the crapper like this.

Coke, I beg you, please stay out of politics and please stop giving in to woke left! And until that happens, my family is done with Coke.

User's recommendation: Stay away from Coke products!

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Coca Cola has lost me and my family as a customer. They need to stay with what their target market is and get thei liberal *** out of the political arena. This latest move to speak out against the Georgia voting law ranks right up there with coming out with the NEW Coke years ago.


" their target market" Please tell us you don't think they know who their target market for GROWTH and LONGEVITY is. Hint, it's not you.

This company, Delta, and other "woke" companies could probably care less(or think as you do) but hey, this is business. They know who will butter their bread for the next 40 years. The legacy demographic, YOU are losing relevance by the day. This is why you support people and things that allow you one last hope at being something.

If you stop drinking this cola today(it's bad for you, I wish you wouldn't stop consuming soft drinks) it wouldn't matter. You're an acceptable loss. You've served a purpose like an old broodmare who has is beyond its worthful time. You just don't matter.

Sorry, you had to find out here. I hope this helps...

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