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Dear Authority,

I have purchased 1bottle of "Minute Maid (Pulpy Orange)" from 1outlet which was of January manufacture and supposed to be expired in the End of the March. I bought it in 3rd week of April.(Thaltej Area in Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

I consumed and after some time i was suffering from low stomach pain.

I told him to dispose all the stock which you have but he denied. After 2 hours I send my Colleague to buy the same and again he sold out "Expiry" Product. So Finally I have decide to report the Circle Incharge and the Sales Head , one of them was ready to meet me and sort out the problem and ready to pay me damages which I have suffered but after some time I didnt get any answer from there side.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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how is this cokes problem, all they do is distribute to the stores. If your minutemaid was bad complain to the store, they were the ones who left it out

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