Coke seems to be famous for making really bad marketing decisions. From the "New Coke" fiasco to the now redesign of it's Diet Coke Bottles.

You redesigned the Diet Coke Lable to look just like the Coke lable. If you wrote "Diet" any smaller it wouldn't be readable at all. I think Coke should find a new advertising firm. The one you got sucks.

I haven't bought any diet coke for a month because I didn't see the lable I was use to. Why would you do something so dumb? If you want to do something good put Diet Coke, Decaffinated in small bottles.

You say here, I'm short on my words. What do you expect to get from consummer's a four page novel?

The dumb stuff you come up with doesn't require a thousand words to describe. I tried a Coke contact Web site and it didn't allow enough room for what I've stated here.


Product or Service Mentioned: Coca Cola Diet Soft Drink.

Reason of review: Bad design.

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