I am 74 years old and have enjoyed Coke most of my life.

However I firmly believe that a business should NOT be involved in politics. And after seeing that your President and CEO bash the new Georgia law to insure voting rights for all and fraud for none....I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER COKE PRODUCT AGAIN!!!!!

User's recommendation: Keep businesses out of politics and BOYCOTT COKE COLA!

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

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“ I am 74 years” THE END. No one cares about someone whose shelf life is nearly up.

This is being done for the younger people who have buying power and more time to use it.

Listen, you had a good run(??) but it’s over. Sorry...


i feel bad for you...


Well, it’s true. This is a business concerned about the long haul and not the short run provided by a 74 year old.

Not to worry, woke will wear off as these become crotchety 74 year olds whining about a business supporting the people who will replace them.

Think 60’s boomer hippies. The first generation to turn its back on family values.

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