Dalton, Georgia

i had bought a twelve pack of cokes at the store yesterday and when i opened it there was one that was empty ,I just wanted to know how to fix this problem asap and with respect for coca-cola ,thank you much.the bar code from the box is 049000028904- the bar code from the can its self is 04963406-, my name is misty wood address is 127 Arnold ave. Dalton GA. 30721 thank you for your time and patience with me and my problem you can send coupons to woodwilliam58@yahoo.com if you need to talk to me just send a e-mail to my address

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I just read this and thought the same. Not clever to post personal details.

I just reached for my last diet coke from the 12 pack and, lo and behold, it was empty. I thought I was being punked for a minute :grin .

I will keep the empty can for posterity lol.


oops, the last can was empty.. just like my head right now..


Another pissed Blonde! I am sure she might have kept the empty can in Fridge.. :)


That was not too smart to post your personal information on a pubic website. And,like Bubb said, you need to contact Coca-Cola directly with your complaint.


Wow! Talk about petty complaints.

Go buy a can of Coke to replace to empty one.

And to add to the stupidity, you put your name and address on here. Can't get much dumber than that.


You will need to contact Coca Cola and tell them what you got and they will send you coupons for free product. I doubt they veiw this site.

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