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I bought 4 12 pack of coca cola and every one of them tasted flat. what happen to this product that I loved so much.

I will be switching to Pepsi. I' not a happy customer.I would like to know what happen with caca cola.This is a lost to me. I paid almost $22 and I want to get my money back okr a replacement.

Coke needs to go back to the orginial formual or sometime because this one is not cutting it. I have been drinking pepsi all my life and to have to swicth is unthinkable but I will do whats best to my tastes buds.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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Did you contact Coke, or the store where you purchased it? I had the same issue with one six-pack several years ago. They apologized, and promptly provided me with a 12-pack to replace it.

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