I am writing concerning the new bottle caps on your soda bottles. This is ridiculous.

I guess you think you are saving on plastic or something. When I am driving down the road and trying to get the top back on the bottle....it will not cooperate and I spill my drink all over my truck. Put the regular top back on the diet dr. pepper bottles and leave well enough alone.

Don't ruin a good thing....P.S.

I have arthritis in my hands and can not even get the top off of the bottle because it is so small and then cannot get it back on.....Please be nice and bring the appropiate bottle cap back. I know this could not be a hard problem to solve and have others complain the same as I.....Larry

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Still experiencing the same frstration!


You shouldnt be distracting yourself while driving. There are other people on the road who dont need you being dangerous. If you wait to drink it until you get home you won't have a problem with the cap.


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