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There is a Coca-Cola bottling plant in my vicinity and most of the Coke sold in this area is from that bottling plant. For about a decade Coke from that plant has tasted watered-down, weak, and flat.

I called the Coca-Cola Company and they said it was the bottling company's issue. I called the bottling company and they said they are within specifications, so apparently there's some leeway. Coke from bottling companies in different areas are sometimes quite good, and if you get a soda fountain with the right mixture it's good also.

Of course I wish Coke would go back to real sugar, especially after Pepsi Throwback, which was great, was replaced by Pepsi with Real Sugar, and no matter Pepsi claims it is the same, it's not--it's terrible, and it's made in the same facility as before. The first Mexican Coke I had a few years ago was terrific, but ones I've had since have tasted weird.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Watered down Coca Cola is the issue here as well in Los Angeles

area. The 800 number Coke issues for complaints tries to be very

professional but they're a staff of young, just finished high school,


They always say, we understand and are sorry you are having these issues, but they really don't give a hooten annie

about you, your call or concern.

Coke, in my opinion, is the best on the planet, but lately, within the last few years, not so. Therefore, I'm looking and I will find a soft drink to take its place. Coke doesn't really care what you think and will do nothing about it.

Quality care/control, no such thing......too bad. They did have an excellent product.

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