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I don’t understand why the coke machines at walmart stores always takes your money and you get nothing. That is stealing consumers money

Product or Service Mentioned: Coca Cola Vending Machine.

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Where is the angel played by Michael Landon when you need him? On my favorite episode of "Highway to Heaven" someone puts money into a soda machine and doesn't get anything in return.

The angel played by Michael Landon touches the machine and the cans of soda come tumbling out of the machine, one after the other, all over the floor as he laughs.The angel wasn't stealing by making that happen, because the machine had been regularly ripping people off and the owners would take the money but wouldn't fix the machine. So all of the cans of soda that had fell out onto the floor had already been paid for by the money that the owner took from the machine for sodas that were never given.

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