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Coke was better that Pepsi until they dropped the classic again and changed the formula again now it sucks it tastes flat and the flavor is gone so now Pepsi is better and so is Dr Pepper.They did this slyly and secretly but the taste they can't hide and I notice the Classic is no longer on the product. Classic coke is no more and was replaced with just a poor imitation thats flat with no flavor or tang anymore i I now have to switch to Pepsi.

I am returning the 4 cases I bought last night as well as the new bottles and get the same in Pepsi.

I have one case of classic left and when it is gone so is coke which I have drank for 40 years but never thought they would put themselves out of business as far as I am concerned so Pepsi is way better now and coke now is way worse!!!!!! It won't take long for people to realize the deceptive change.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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