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well...i was trying to got a yummy delicious sprite but it gave me mountain dew. Not only that...

but it was mountain dew in a sprite can. I was very frustrated because i am very ill now from an allergic reaction from it. Please notify someone about this terrible miss hap that seems to be making me swell and sneeze before i press charges on the disgusting people who made this. And one more thing...

I also want something done about the cleanliness of the vending machine also. The dirt grime and mold sorta worries me in some circumstances...

like when I'm drinking out of the can (most people do). So in conclusion could someone please do something about this terrible thing we call good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coca Cola Vending Machine.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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completely not possible - if you are going to make up a story at least get your facts right.


Not possible.

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