In the early 1980's, bottlers were given permission to use High Fructose Corn syrup in place of sugar. (to save money)

HFCS has unacceptable levels of mercury that the FDA has done absolutely nothing about in reference to warning the public.

This is a public relations disaster waiting to happen.

If you complain to Corporate you will be told by letter that "the taste

quality of HFCS and sucrose is identical" This is TOTALLY untrue.

I would like to meet the *** that made this ridiculous statement.

Coca-Cola has been my favorite soft drink for 50 years. Since I started importing it I am now enjoying the REAL Coca-Cola and the difference is worth the import fees.

The U.S. is the only country that uses HFCS 100%.

Product or Service Mentioned: Coca Cola Soft Drink.

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stop trolling mulch... threads like this are for people who do enjoy coke, that dont like the how *** they taste now and that we can still enjoy the real coke recipe with real kane sugar like mexican cokes in bottles...

coke is screwing themselves..

Ive noticed recently coke is tasting like *** as well... something is different... it goes flat very very quickly once opened and tastes so bad i cant even finish the can.. The first time i noticed this was at a discount grocery store that sells stuff much cheaper with no name brands etc but they did have coke..

i just assumed it must have been a bad batchs and is how they were so cheap... then i went back to kroger where i normally shop and while one case would taste ok, a week later i'd get the same case and it just tastes horrible... Ive had several of these *** cases recently and im just about to switch to something else...

glad its not just me thinking something is going on.. The cans i have in the house right now that taste like *** were canned in atlanta Ga.


THEN STOP DRINKING IT! simple and easy solution. Think about it and grow up!

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